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.:: April 23rd, 2016

Holy crap, an update?

New Updates:

- Added an entry for Demo Disc 2.0.
- Added an entry for Paperbag Princess
- Added an entry for Banshee demo.
- Added an entry for Communicator 2
- Added an entry for Moving Gives me a Stomache
- Updated Donk!
- Updated Super Games Pak

.:: November 29th, 2013

Happy Black Friday! Look.. an update!

New Updates:

- Added Humans 3 CD images and box scans.
- Added Sherlock Holmes images and scans.
- Added an entry for Maximum Mods and scans.
- Added Communicator 2 scans.

Ronald van Dijk of 010101 Music submitted this:

We have produced a compilation CD with remixes and re-recordings of 19 famous pieces of music from Amiga and CD32 games. The album contains music from five CD32 games (Alien Breed, Lotus Trilogy, Project-X, Cannon Fodder, Clockwiser), two CDTV games (Xenon 2, Turrican 2) and other Amiga games. It has been named "Paula Agnus Denise" after the set of chips that gave the Amiga her unique abilities. The album is available for streaming and download, and on CD format from shops in the US, Canada and Europe.

For more information, please see: http://www.010101-music.nl/release/paula-agnus-denise.html

.:: May 30th, 2013

Added some stuff. Fixed some stuff.

New Updates:

- Added Garden Fax images
- Added Brian The Lion video.
- Added Bubble and Squeak video.
- Added Universe video.
- Added Lock and Load video.

Also, you can find some video of the gameroom Here

.:: January 20th, 2013

Oh wow. An update. There's more coming, really. Updated some various entries that were incorrect or now have additional data added to them. Also, don't forget the Midwest Gaming Classic in Brookfield, WI is only a few months away. I'll be wandering around there, looking at your stuff. Ermm.

New Updates:

- Added Lock and Load images
- Added CD DJ in a Box.

.:: July 14th, 2012

Fixed all sorts of errors in the database. Added 40+ NTSC/PAL entries for various titles. I got a bit bored and whipped out the NTSC CD32 and hooked it to the only TV I have left in the house that doesn't display PAL. Updated what type of controller a game uses on about 50 entries. Moved to forums from particles.org to amigacd32.com. Also took care of:

New Updates:

- Added Flink video
- Added Sabre Team video.
- Added The Connoisseur video.
- Added Fightin' Spirit video.
- Added Word Construction Kit video.
- Added CD Gold Magazine video.
- Added Guy Spy video and cd images.
- Added New Basics Cookbook video.

.:: July 1st, 2012

It's hot outside. Air conditoner broke. Time for some updates...

New Updates:

- Added CD Gold CD scan and covers.
- Added Fightin' Spirit Box and CD scan
- Added 17 Bit Continuation Disc CD scan and covers.
- Added 17 Bit Phase 4 CD sccan and covers.

.:: March 18th, 2012

New Updates:

- Added Flink CD image
- Added Sabre Team covers and CD images.
- Added The Connoisseur covers and CD images.
- Added World Vista covers and CD images.
- Added Word Construction Kit covers and CD images.

.:: January 21st, 2012

New Updates:

- Added CD32 Gamer Vol 1 video
- Added CD32 Gamer Vol 2 video
- Added CD32 Gamer Vol 5 video
- Added CD32 Gamer Vol 6 video
- Added CD32 Gamer Vol 13 video
- Added Assassins Ultimate CD video

- Added Shadow Fighter manual scan.
- Added North Pole Expedition manual scan.
- Added Prey manual scan.
- Added IK+ manual scan.
- Added Litil Divil manual scan.
- Added Sim City manual scan.
- Added Out To Lunch manual scan.
- Added Hutchinson Encyclopedia manual scan.
- Added Roadkill manual scan.
- Added Pinball Fantasies manual scan.
- Added Super Methane Brothers manual scan.
- Added Alfred Chicken manual scan.
- Added Simon The Sorcerer manual scan.

.:: January 16th, 2012

New Updates:

- Added Prey CD covers and CD images.
- Added North Pole Exedition covers and CD imaged.
- Added Shadow Fighter covers and CD images.
- Added Sim City covers and CD images.
- Added Advanced Military Systems CD image.
- Added Hero Quest II covers and CD images.

- Added Sim City video.
- Added Advanced Military Systems video.

.:: January 14th, 2012

I know I've been slacking. Updates:

- Added Ultimate Skidmarks video.
- Added Prey video.
- Added North Pole Expedition video.
- Added Shadow Fighter video.
- Added Hero Quest II video.
- Added Hutchinson Encyclopedia video.

.:: June 17th, 2011

It's hot outside... which means I finally have some time for some updates:

- Added Benefactor video.
- Added Video Creator video.
- Added Amiga CD! Issue 1 video.
- Added Amiga CD! Issue 2 video.
- Added Amiga CD! Issue 3 video.
- Added Amiga CD32 Mag Issue 1 video.

.:: March 17th, 2011

Don't forget, the Midwest Gaming Classic (MGC), http://www.midwestgamingclassic.com/ is coming up on March 26th/27th. Be sure to check it out (and I'll be there wandering around aimlessly).

.:: January 27th, 2011

Lots of updates. I'm probably missing a few here.

New Updates:

- Added Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo video.
- Added Top Gear 2 video.
- Added Wild Cup Soccer video.
- Added UFO: Enemy Unknown video.
- Added Marvins Marvelous Adventure video.
- Added Fire Force video.
- Added Guardian video.
- Added Superfrog video.
- Added Pinball Illusions video.
- Added John Barnes Football video.
- Added Mathematik Leicht Germanct video.

.:: January 4th, 2011

Happy New Years everyone! So far the overall response of the page has been good.. thanks for helping us make it a success!

New Updates:

- Added Myth case scan and CD image.
- Added Super Street Fighter Turbo II CD image.
- Added Chambers of Shaolin case scan and CD image.

.:: December 20th, 2010

New Updates:

- Added Myth video.
- Added Chambers of Shaolin video.
- Added Naughty Ones video.